These Adorably Dramatic Dogs Have Mastered The Art Of The Guilt Trip. Prepare To Feel Shame

Every dog owner has been there.

Every dog owner has been there: You're going about your day-to-day life, doing normal stuff (like leaving the house -- dogs don't get it, but we all sadly have to do that sometimes), when you glance over at your dog and notice they're looking at you like you're the worst person in the world. And all of a sudden, you think that actually might be true. Here's what your dog is trying to tell you.

Oh. I see you're leaving again. Don't worry about me. I'm not sad or anything.

I'll just sit here in this chair. And I lied, I am very, very sad.

I mean, you could leave, but look how badly I want you to stay. I got you all of the toys.

I'm not gonna make this easy for you. Did you need this part of your car to drive?

Oh, did you want to tie your shoes?

You turned all that down? Well you aren't getting a goodbye kiss from me, mister!

I can't believe it. I even made this face, but you left anyways.

Wait, are you coming back in?

You sure you won't change your mind? Maybe you'll change your mind.

You're the worst.

But even when you do take me with you, I question your motives.

Remember when you got me excited for a trip, then took me to the vet? Not cool.

And don't even get me started on the time you stepped on my foot. You monster.

Or "my" costumes. Boy, do I love it when you dress me up.

It is sooooo funny.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

But seriously, what sorcery is this?

And how about baths. Can you tell how I feel about them?

Do you see what they do to me?

(Photo via Betsy Kelley)

Baths suck.

And for that, I hate you.

You say you love me, but sometimes I just don't know...

So that's why I was a bad dog! But look at my face. It's you who should feel guilty -- for making me do something that made you get mad at me.

Don't feel too bad though. I forgive you. When you get home, I'm gonna be all...

And then...


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