In Honor Of National Dog Day, Here Are The Cutest Canines Of Art History

You know what's better than a puppy video? The dogs of art history.

We'll take one pug, please.

<a href="">Briton Rivi&egrave;re, "Tick-Tack,"&nbs

Puppies in the park. Classic. (Monkey in the park, not so classic.)

<a href="

Forget about the convex mirror, we just want to see the pooch.

<a href="">Jan van Eyck, "The Arnolfini Portrait," 1434</

Lucian Freud and puppies. What more can you ask for?

Lucian Freud, "Girl with a white dog," 1951&ndash;1952
Lucian Freud, "Girl with a white dog," 1951–1952

A little 19th century d'awwwwwww.

<a href="">Francisco Goya, "The Dog,"&nbsp;circa 1819&ndash;1823</a>

Those hats are chic. That dog is chic-er.

<a href="">Edgar Degas, "Place de la Concorde," or "Vi

Can't even.

Frida Kahlo, "Perro Itzcuintli conmigo," 1938
Frida Kahlo, "Perro Itzcuintli conmigo," 1938

Nude < snuggling puppy.

<a href="">Titian, "Venus of Urbino,"&n

Proof the whole dog-being-super-excited-when-its-soldier-dad-returns-home scenario is as old as paint.

<a href="">John Everett Millais, "The Order of Release," 1746<

Proof the whole dog-mourning-the-death-of-its-owner scenario is as old as paint, too.

<a href="">Briton Rivi&egrave;re,

So. Freaking. Tiny.

<a href="">Gabri&euml;l Metsu, "Woman Read

Dogs sitting like humans never gets old.

<a href="">Alfred de Dreux, "Pug Dog in an Armc

Dat tongue doe.

<a href="">William Hogarth, "Painter and his

 All we want today is a kiss from a dog.

<a href="">Gustave Courbet

 It's in the eyes.

<a href="">&Eacute;douard Manet, "A Ki

Legal satire. And puppies.

<a href="">Sir Edwin Landseer, "Trial by Jury," or "Laying

Look, this one's mastered the handshake.

<a href="">Vittore Carpaccio, "Two Venetian Ladies," circa 1490</


<a href="">Grace Carpenter Hudson, "The watermelon," unkn

Large sleeves. Larger dog.

<a href="">Titian, "The Portrait of Charles V with a Dog,"&nbsp;1533</a>

True beauty.

<a href="">Sir Edwin

Erm, a little brutal. Next painting.

<a href="">Gustav Courbet, "The Kill of Deer," circa 1867</a>

Please, give us all the small dogs. Please.

<a href="">Arthur Wardle, "The Totteridge XI," 1897</a>

Napoleonic complex, dog version.

<a href="">Diego Vel&aacute;zquez, "Joseph's Tunic," 1630</a>

Guys, is that dog wearing a wig?

<a href=",_1715-47,_in_his_Cabin.jpg">William Hogarth, "Captain


<a href=",_A_portrait_of_a_large_Dog_from_New_Holland_(Dingo),_1772.jpg">Geor

Fact: Seurat loved painting lounging pets.

<a href="">Georges Seurat, "Bathers at Asni&egrave;res," 1884</a>

Briton Rivière, we appreciate your puppy love.

<a href="">Briton Rivi&egrave;re, "Cupboard Love,"&nb

Because, of course. Also, there are 16 of these paintings. Sixteen.

<a href="">C. M. Coolidge, "Waterloo," circa 1906</


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