'Dogs In Cars: California' By Keith Hopkin Celebrates Simple Joys (VIDEO)

If three minutes of sunshine and dog smiles doesn't make you grin, then we're not sure what will.

In the short film "Dogs In Cars: California," director Keith Hopkin captures eight dogs doing what dogs love to do most: lean out over the passenger side of their owners' cars on the open road. Here's Hopkin's simple description of his newest film: "Dogs in cars doing what they love to do ... in California."

Set to the song "California" by Phantom Planet, the slow-motion video luxuriates in the rippling fur and flapping ears of dogs like Diggy, Tekken and Jasmine as they ride shotgun through the streets of Los Angeles, Calif. At minute 0:46, there's a montage of dogs closing their eyes as they give themselves over to the pleasure of it all: sun, wind and love.

The film is a follow up to an earlier video with a similar theme: "Dogs In Cars."

When life gets overwhelming, just take a page from these dogs and learn to let yourself enjoy the little things.