These Snuggly Puppies In Pajamas Will Make You Want To Crawl Back Into Bed

Aww. What's nicer than a warm puppy cozied up in some jammies? Look at these fuzzy-wuzzy puppies! They're so cute, yes they are!

Ahem. The verdict is out on whether our canine friends actually enjoy being dressed up. "The dog, he does not like it," postulates animal behavior specialist Alexandra Horowitz, although she suspects our pets don't completely loathe the experience, with all its accompanying oohs and aahs. Dogs have, after all, spent thousands of years putting up with our weird crap. We've bred these pack animals to live with us and, for better or worse, they seek our approval. But unless you're out in extreme cold temperatures, your husky -- or any other large, thick-haired breed -- could overheat in a onesie, no matter how cute, so be considerate.

You are getting sleepy...

Very sleepy...

boston pjs
Instagram: bluebostonterrier

puppy pjs
Instagram: aubree_scott22

Okay, pajamas are pretty exciting, though.

They make us smile, too.

Yay, pajamas!

They keep us all warm and cozy...

pug in pjs
Instagram: limeadelily

Doesn't that sound nice right now?

dog in pjs on a rug
Instagram: caseyoliphant

dog xmas pjs
Instagram: _flowerdog

dog in pjs
Instagram: lizzzmarie

pug puppy
Instagram: sassyones714

hot dog pjs
Instagram: taylormroth


mop dog pjs
Instagram: littlejayz

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