Dogs Interrupt Galatasaray Vs. VfR Aalen Soccer Match, Are Carried Off The Field (VIDEO)

Dogs Crash Soccer Game, Adorableness Ensues

A soccer match between Turkish team Galatasaray and Germany's VfR Aalen was brought to a standstill on Saturday by a pair of unlikely competitors on the field -- two Labrador Retrievers.

Bounding out onto the pitch about 52 minutes into the game, the dogs played tug-of-war and looked for some attention from the players in the video clip.

The whistle was blown and the players stopped as soon as the dogs set foot -- or paw -- on the field. With play halted, officials attempted to catch the Labs and carry them off the field.

After the adorable interruption, VfR Aalen went on to win the friendly match, 1-0.

In 2011, an unrestrained police dog rushed the field during a match between Ituiutaba and Uberlandia and attempted to steal the ball.

Watch as the two Labs run amuck on the field in the video above and see more on-field animal incidents in the gallery below.

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