Just 2 Pooches With Their Heads Poking Through A Fence. Nothing To See Here

Howdy, neighbor!

This is -- hands down -- the greatest way to be welcomed to the neighborhood. 

Reddit user dath0916, whose name is Jordan, recently moved to Royal Oak, Michigan, and decided to take a walk around his new neighborhood this past Tuesday when he stumbled on this hilarious sight: two dogs poking their heads out of pet fence windows. 

Jordan snapped a photo of the funny scene and shared it on Reddit. It quickly went viral with more than 6,100 upvotes, and over 3 million views on Imgur. Really though, who wouldn't love to see two pups casually chillin' in a fence? The look like they just wanna know what you're up to. 

"I thought the picture was funny but I only thought just a few people would find it on Reddit and think it was amusing," Jordan told The Huffington Post in an email. "It's pretty cool and I'm glad a lot of people were able to see the image and get as much enjoyment from it as I did."

Jordan said he was walking by the fence, accompanied by his wife and his own two dogs, when noticed the windows but didn't think anything of them. When the two pups poked their heads through, he was shocked. 

"It really took us by surprise and my wife and I both jumped a little ... but we both burst out laughing," he said. "It was still a hysterical sight because they both looked implanted in the fence but they weren't stuck, it just looked that way, and was obviously designed that way for them so they could see out of the fence.

Though Jordan hasn't met the dogs' owner yet, he told HuffPost that he'll probably stop by the house and let the silly pooches' human know that the pets have become Internet famous!  


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