Adorable Dogs Face Off Against Models In Snow, Dogs Win (Obviously)

All kinds of cute here.

Choosing between cute humans and cute dogs in snow gear? Well, that's just plain ruff.

But sometimes, that's just part of the job. After we spotted pictures of these adorable pets playing in the snow, the editors here at HuffPost Style had an idea. What if we put Getty models in snow gear next to adorable dogs playing in snow gear? The results? A sort of "Who wore it best: animals versus humans edition."

The models looked great, but these dogs looked positively fetch. Take a look!

Pensive Look
ellie_and_finnegan / Instagram / Getty Images
Paws down, the longing, serious look on the left wins. PLUS, this dog is wearing a collar with tiny gingerbread men, which trumps a hunky male model any day.
Frolicking Through the Snow
perrin_americaneskimo / Instagram / Getty Images
Both models are adorable, but this dog's glazed, "what-is-this-amazing-white-stuff" look is just too good.
Best Beanie Side-Eye
cassiescamera / Instagram / Getty Images
Didn't this person know that it's WAY cuter to cut out holes in your beanie for your adorable ears than to protect them from the cold?
Who Wore it Better? Bow Edition
ollie.olney / Instagram / Getty Images
While this female model is trying to find her Christmas present, this dog is all like "Um, I AM your present." Bow-wow down.
Doggles > Ski Goggles
tofuwarrior / Instagram / Getty Images
Not only are doggles the cuter, more on-trend choice, but this dog has matched the eyewear to a scarf. That's a fashionista.
Accessory Showdown
monicasisson / Instagram / Getty Images
Scarves and hats are a must during the winter, but this dog knows to show off one of the best assets: the ears. While the person's accessories are TOO matchy-matchy, the winter green with the gold "return me to my owner" tag is so fetch.
Got the Blues
bearpaw_dood / Instagram / Getty Images
Though they're both wearing blue, this dog actually appears to be eating part of the outfit, which is a totally new fashion statement. AND, the cute little beanie is worn above the ears, which is also a new fashion statement used by Brooklyn hipsters
Natural Beauties
oakley_aussie / Instagram / Getty Images
A radiant smile will win over most judges, but this dog knows that a natural merle coat is a sure-fire winner. And just look at the positioning of those paws!

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