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10 Dogs Who Are NOT Excited For Fireworks This Independence Day

Fireworks excite humans, but canines don't always feel the same. Here are 10 dogs just praying we skip the explosions this July Fourth.

1) This dog is so angry about fireworks he wishes the U.S. lost the Revolutionary War.

2. This pup is just letting you know he's going to run back and forth like a maniac while the fireworks are happening.

3. This guy is SO over fireworks he's just going to move to Canada.

4. This dog is like, "Wait, HOW loud did you say they are?"

5. This pooch is in disbelief that we do this every year.

6. This dog is all, "Really, guys? Again?"

7. This puppy will just be under here until the fireworks are over, okay?

8. This dog has had it up to HERE with fireworks.

9. This dog is mad that Independence day is upstaging her birthday.

10. This poor dog thought things couldn't get any worse.

But this dog is too young and naive to know what she's in for. Happy 4th, y'all!

H/T Reddit

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