Golden Retrievers Tend To Owner For 2 Days After Fall Until Help Arrives, Show True Loyalty

Some guardian angels choose to look over us from close by.

And such help from two loving golden retrievers might be the reason Judy Muhe of Palmdale, Florida, is still alive today. When the 76-year-old woman, who suffers from Parkinson's disease and lives alone, fell in her kitchen, 10-year-old Higgins and 4-year-old Dodger clung to her side for two days until help arrived, reported ABC News.

Muhe bruised her head and shattered her shoulder when she fell, and spend the subsequent 48 hours drifting in and out of consciousness. Her two dogs, aware of her distress, laid down next to her, keeping her as warm and as comfortable as they possibly could.

"The main thing was they let me know I was not alone," Muhe told ABC News. "[Higgins] laid up against my back, and Dodger laid on my feet and legs ... I don't know what I would have done without them ... I just love my dogs so much."

After her friend Kathy Jacobs called several times and didn't receive a response, she entered Muhe's home using a key that Muhe had previously given to her.

"When I came in, we found her right away on the floor," Jacobs told ABC News. "The dogs were right here with her. They actually ran to the door and then they ran back to where she was, like showing us that she was there."

Muhe has since undergone two surgeries to repair her shoulder.

Dogs not only have an incredible sense of when things aren't right, but also make sure to let their owners know as well.

Last December, 15-year-old Sean Kilgore of Alexandria, Indiana, noticed his German shepherd Gunner's extremely loud barking and stepped outside to see what was wrong. He then noticed a faint cry coming from somewhere down he street, and despite thinking he was just hearing things, decided to try and follow the sound.

He soon discovered it was the voice of an 82-year-old woman who had fallen in her garage and could not get up. He called 911, and the emergency responders arrived to help her, reported. She'd been stuck there for approximately 12 hours, and believed that the boy and his dog were key players in saving her life that day.



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