Prepare To Be Hypnotized By These Cute Puppies Eating Their Dinner

They're wheely adorable!

When it comes to dinner time, these Doberman puppies always spin out.

Hypnotizing video posted online shows them charging towards their bowl after it's laid down on the ground by their owner.

But instead of the dominating members of the pack barging in to chow everything down, they all rotate like a pinwheel -- allowing each pup to gobble up some grub as they go.

It's only once the food starts running out that they start scrumming for the scraps.

The footage was posted to YouTube by ViralHog on Friday. It's unclear whether the dogs have been trained to spin around the bowl, or if they do it entirely naturally. The clip is now going viral.

The doggies are almost as polite as Reggie, who was recently caught on camera patiently waiting at an ice cream truck in Cardiff, Wales.

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