Dogs Teargassed In Turkey By Police During Protests (PHOTOS)


Turkish protesters aren't the only ones getting teargassed by police during recent protests. As photos from recent demonstrations reveal, police have also teargassed dogs.

The photos of protesters helping dogs recover from the tear gas have widely circulated on social media. While it's likely that these dogs were caught in the crossfire when police fired tear gas at the masses, the photos show the extent to which local authorities have gone to subdue those involved in the demonstrations.

(Story continues below) Turkish protesters help a dog who was teargassed during a clash with police. (Photo via Imgur)

Police have turned to tear gas and water cannons to keep protesters at bay during large demonstrations that spread throughout the country following a protest over plans for development in Istanbul's Gezi Park last week. In one particular incident that was caught on tape and posted online Monday, riot police appear to fire a tear gas canister directly at a demonstrator; and the projectile hits him head-on in the face.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is set to return to the country on Thursday, after a four-day visit to North Africa. Reuters reports that protesters had gathered near the airport in Istanbul in anticipation of the leader's arrival.

Though many have called on Erdogan to apologize for the brut show of police strength, the prime minister has not wavered in his critical view of the unrest, recently calling those involved "looters." However, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc did apologize for "excessive force" by police during the initial Taksim Square gathering.

See more photos of dogs participating in the Turkish protests below.

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