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Meet The Unsung Heroes Of The Mudslide Search: These Brave Rescue Dogs


Since the devastating mudslide hit Washington on March 22, rescue dogs have been tirelessly searching for buried victims.

Rescue crews announced Sunday that some dogs are taking a two-day break, the Associated Press reported. The dogs who arrived more recently from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will continue their search.

If worked too hard, especially in the cold and rain, the dogs can lose their sensing capability.

"The conditions on the slide field are difficult, so this is just a time to take care of the dogs," Kris Rietmann, a spokeswoman for the team working on the eastern portion of the slide, told the outlet.

Take a look below at some of the courageous pups hard at work:

mudslide rescue dog
Rescue dog Tryon, muddied from the day's work.

mudslide rescue dog
Two search and rescue dogs meet as they investigate a section of tree roots.

mudslide rescue dog
Rescue dog Nexus, muddy from working onsite, is decontaminated via hose.

mudslide rescue dog
Sonja Nordstrom sits with her rescue dog Drago, foreground, as she participates during a memorial service.

ted s warren dog mudslide
Search workers stand with a rescue dog near a piece of heavy equipment being used to clear trees and other debris.

elaine thompson dog mudslide
A search dog stands in a water and looks back at handlers at the scene of a deadly mudslide.

elaine thompson dog mudslide
Search dog Stratus walks across a beam on a destroyed building following a deadly mudslide.

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