8 Dogs Who Couldn't Care Less About Their Owners' Love Lives

Dogs tend to be very loving, affectionate animals. But like anyone else, they have limits. And sometimes, they get a little tired of all the mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey stuff. Below are eight dogs who have had it up to here with their owners' love lives.

Beyond over it.

Credit: MarthaFarcuss via Imgur

Courtesy of Redditor Nunwithagun

Tell us how you really feel.

Credit: hayfab via Imgur

Just "dropping in" to say hello!

Credit: Angie Burgess//Conveyable Flow Photography

Seriously, can't a dog get a little privacy?

Credit: haystackreaction via Imgur

Just look away.

Credit: ashleybrooke09 via Imgur

Good luck getting that bouquet back.
Credit: Flickr user RobKimber

Get a room. Please?
Credit: Mike O'Reilly

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