Ferguson Police Released Robbery Video Despite DOJ Concerns

Ferguson Police Released Robbery Video Despite DOJ Concerns

The Ferguson Police Department on Friday released a video that allegedly shows Michael Brown robbing a convenience store. Critics lashed out at police, saying that the footage's release was an attempt to disparage Brown's character.

CNN revealed on Saturday that the Department of Justice found out about the video earlier this week and asked police not to make it public. According to CNN, the DOJ was worried that the footage would spark more violence in Ferguson.

On Friday night, mayhem hit Ferguson as cops sprayed crowds of protesters with tear gas and looters ravaged stores throughout the St. Louis suburb.

Police held off releasing the robbery footage on Thursday, but ending up defying DOJ concerns on Friday.

The officer who shot Brown didn't know he was a robbery suspect. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson told reporters on Friday that he released the video "because the press asked for it," but didn't explain any further.

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