Dolan Geiman Uses Reclaimed Wood To Create Whimsical Works Of Art (PHOTOS)

How One Artist Works With Reclaimed Wood

The Huffington Post is proud to present an article originally published by Ecofabulous.

The urban folk art of American artist Dolan Geiman uses reclaimed wood and found objects. Here are a few words from Dolan that do a wonderful job of describing his views on “being green”:

“Being green is something my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were doing long before it was trendy and associated with fancy green lingo like staycationing. Cutting up old clothes for rags and floor rugs, pulling hardware from rotting doors and floorboards, and making toys from tin and string, I was taught at an early age that everything around me could have multiple purposes. These tenets provided a solid foundation on which to build a career as a found object and mixed media artist, satisfying a deep-rooted appreciation for turning the discarded and ordinary into the extraordinary.”

dolan geiman

dolan geiman

dolan geiman

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