Dolce & Gabbana Call Fast Fashion Collaborations 'Cheap'

If you love designer collaboration-made leopard print dresses, you'll have to hold onto your vintage Cavalli for H&M pieces -- because Dolce & Gabbana won't be collaborating anytime soon.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana opened up in Women's Wear Daily, chatting about their past success, their recent tax evasion debacle, the shuttering of D&G and being young at heart.

They also talked about the dearth of real, quality fashion in today's market. Speaking of which...

S.G.: [laughs] I ask him if he goes to mass to design collections...

D.D.: It's classic elegance. Elegance is always beautiful, contemporary and timeless. It doesn't have to be about the latest trend, or from a signature brand. Its forever. Recently, it's all "trusciume" [in Sicilian, cheap, trashy] — there's no quality, these fast-fashion companies churning out looks. People thought it was cool, but it's cheap. You can't expect quality at 20 euros [$27]. It's like good codfish at 5 euros [$6.70] -- how can it be? But it's not a matter of price. Elegance is intellectual; it's about good taste, the cut, proportions, quality, how you carry yourself.

So H&M? Target? Kohl's? We recommend you don't come a callin'. Dolce & Gabbana clothes are reserved for those with deeper pockets, girls like Felicity Jones, Britney Spears and Scarlett Johansson.

But even if you can't expect any black lace, white eyelet and red silk from 2012's collabs, there is much to look forward to: Marni is next up at H&M, set to debut in March, and Jason Wu will be collaborating with Target starting February 5.

No bright and European enough for ya? There's always Versace's second outing for H&M, a cruise collection available to European buyers only on January 19.

Of course, none are the iconic Dolce & Gabbana. Read more of the designers' interview at