'Dole Whip Cotton Candy' Is Now At Disney's California Adventure Park

This is what dreams are made of.🍍

There is no theme park treat more legendary than the Dole Whip. The frosty pineapple concoction, which is surprisingly dairy-free, has been making Disney visits merry for decades.

They just got merrier.

As of this week, a limited-edition “Dole Whip” cotton candy is available at Disney’s California Adventure Park, according to Los Angeles Magazine. A park spokeswoman told us it’s not an official Dole product ― that’s just the name Whip-loving visitors have given this pineapple-flavored treat ― but it still looks like a fluffy cloud of awesome:

We’re assuming the cotton candy tastes pretty much like Dole Whip, but with more air and sugar. Indeed, park visitor Debbie Wilson told Foodbeast it tastes like “a sugary pineapple” that “melts in your mouth.”

The treat is currently sold at cotton candy kiosks in Disney California Adventure, according to Delish. The Disney spokeswoman couldn’t tell us how long it will last, explaining limited edition products at Disney don’t typically have a set end date.

Better get one soon!

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