Doll Races In Day-Care Subject To Scrutiny By Colorado Department Of Human Services

Won't somebody please think of the children? The Colorado Department of Human Services has updated its regulations for the operation of day care centers in Colorado and some of them are a bit unexpected.

  • Children over 2 years old cannot be served whole milk unless directed to do so by a child's health care provider
  • Juice servings cannot exceed 4 to 6 ounces daily and must be 100 percent juice
  • TV and computer limitations of 20 minutes daily
  • Dolls at day care centers must represent three races
  • Each child must have an assigned caregiver
  • children must be offered food at least every three hours

Reached for comment by Westword, Human Services spokeswoman Liz McDonough said nothing is likely to be finalized before mid-2012. "This is a lengthy, thoughtful, deliberate process." McDonough also stressed that these reflect national child care standards with origins of reform starting in 2000.

What do you think? Are the proposed regulation changes smart policy or an example of overbearing political correctness?

The full version of proposed day care center rules:
Proposed Colorado Day Care Center Rules