This Man Is Trying To Eat And Review Every Dollar Slice Of Pizza In New York City

He's giving pieces a chance.

When it comes to rating cheap pizza, the buck stops here.

In a new video by Elite Daily, culinary hero Francisco Balagtas gives the lowdown on his mission to review every dollar pizza joint in New York City.

That means he'll have to eat hundreds of low-budget slices. Pass the Prilosec.

Using grades from 1 to 5 for cheese, sauce and crust, he reports the results on his Instagram, "Dollar Pizza Slice NYC," which now has more than 1,600 followers. He began the two-year project in August, telling PIX 11 he tries to cover seven or eight places a week.

"In the long run, that's one slice of pizza a day, but I try not to eat pizza every day," he said.

Speaking of the long run, Balagtas, a New Jersey resident who works in Manhattan, runs marathons. He says that helps him "offset" the pizza intake.

According to ABC News, the 30-year-old hatched the venture on a $100 bet with a co-worker that he could eat pizza "all the time."

Even months later, he still insists to Elite Daily that for the perfect end to a night, "I think dollar pizza does that the best."

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