15 Gifts For The Dolly Parton Lover In Your Life

Or rather, gifts for every human on earth — we found the best candles, sweaters and more.

No matter your politics, sexuality or taste in music, Dolly Parton is a beloved constant in an otherwise discouragingly polarizing society. Her universal appeal has been explored at length in articles, on podcasts and at dinner tables across the country.

Perhaps it’s the Imagination Library, her gargantuan effort to provide access to books for all children, or the fact that she is a longtime advocate for inclusion and self-expression, or oh, right, that her donation for coronavirus research went toward funding a much-needed vaccine for COVID-19.

Everyone has at least a little love for Dolly in their hearts ― some people much, much more. The proof is in the wide variety of Parton-themed goods available for purchase online, including devotional candles for “Saint Dolly” and sweaters embroidered with the mantra “What Would Dolly Do?”

For the people on your gift list who veer on the Dolly-is-religion side of things, we’ve put together a guide featuring everything you need to have a jolly, Dolly holiday season.

Dolly Parton Pink-Patterned Socks
Vintage Hungarian '9 to 5' Movie Poster
Dolly Parton Coffee Mug
Here You Come Again Face Mask
I Beg Your Parton Sweatshirt
Dolly Rehearsing for Performance Framed Print
Retro Series Dolly Parton Illustration
Dolly Parton Devotional Prayer Saint Candle
Morning Checklist Mug
Dolly Parton Stud Earrings
‘What Would Dolly Do?’ Sweater
Dolly for President T-Shirt
Customized Vintage Embroidered Dolly Denim Jacket
Cup of Ambition Print