Dolphin Party Wave Is The Best Kind Of Surfing There Is (VIDEO)

Apparently, the mammals of the sea are having some kind of weird, surf competition-slash-viral drone video battle.

First, it was the humans of Hawaii, showing off their shredding skills at the world famous Banzai Pipeline. Then, a few months later, a pod of unimpressed humpback whales returned to that same spot for their own shot at the limelight, showing humans who the real surfers are.

Now, it's the dolphins of Australia -- and they're giving their first two competitors a run for their money. (Yup, somehow, they definitely saw both surf videos go viral and they came together and said, "Yeah right! We practically invented surfing. It's our time to shine.")

So, after spotting Dave Riggs' camera-equipped quadcopter flying over the shores of Esperance in West Australia, a super pod of bottlenose dolphins gathered along the crystal clear surf to do what they do best: play, surf, and, according to Riggs' Vimeo channel, teach their young how to forage.

There were "well over 100" dolphins in the group, Riggs' told GrindTV, and if they were, in fact, trying to outdo this year's viral surf videos, we think they've got a really good shot.

Below, watch the super pod of dolphins give it their all:



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