Dolphins Stadium Beastie Boys Mashup: This Is Your Brain On Mike Dee (VIDEO)

If you're following the Miami Dolphins' bid to secure public funds for shiny new stadium improvements as closely as we are, what's going on in your brain right now is exactly this:

Yep, Miami, this is your brain on Mike Dee. And Mike D! And the Florida Legislature! And possibly drugs! The inspiration to combine the Dolphins' smiley CEO with the Beastie Boys' emcee struck Maine radio producer Gabe Grabin after WLRN put out a call to make "palatable" audio out of the numerous public meetings, pitches, and press conferences surrounding the controversial proposal.

The results of the team's request for taxpayer funding won't be known until a bill passes the Florida House and a special Miami-Dade County election is over on May 14th, but everything will sound just like this until then.

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