'Is Domestic Violence A Bigger Problem Than We Realize?' Illustrates How Deep The Problem Goes

Infographic Illustrates The Devastating Impact Of Domestic Violence Beyond The Headlines

Over the course of the last year, stories of domestic violence have flooded the news. And while the instances receiving the most attention involve professional athletes and celebrities, the trauma of these crimes hits much closer to home than many people realize.

The following infographic from the University of New England's Online School of Social Work addresses just that: Uncovering the true extent of real-life, everyday examples of abuse is key to initiating important dialogue and letting victims know they aren't alone.

"We were inspired to further the conversation with some insight into how far-spread the effects can go, and why it's important for these victims of these cases to be helped," infographic designer Frankie Rendón told The Huffington Post. He and his content strategy team collaborated with the university to create the "Is Domestic Violence A Bigger Problem Than We Realize?" project below, which sheds light on domestic violence beyond the headlines -- where it is a widespread issue with deep roots.

une infographic

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