Dominate Don't Compete

2010-06-13-FirstBook.jpegMy latest book, If You're Not First, You're Last, hit the NY Times Best Sellers List this week. It also became a top seller at Wall Street Journal (#2), at USA Today (#3), #1 Amazon Business and #1 Barnes overall. This book comes at a time when we all find ourselves in an economy that is very difficult and unemployment numbers make real the possibility of a double dip recession. It is at this time that individuals seek real solutions not just theories. Most businesses have cut expenses as far as they can and now the same company is forced to look at what we it must do to expand and grow. The individual household has cut everything it can and now after almost two years of not spending is having to look at how long it can go without doing so. At some point you can't save anymore or you will literally disappear from the landscape. Those that are unemployed have either become dismayed and given up hope or they will finally do what is necessary to get work!

Which brings me to the main concept of the book. The ONLY solution at a time of economic contraction,(and really any time) is to make every thought and action one of expansion rather than contraction, the goal of domination rather than competition, of being FIRST - understanding that every other positions are punished and at risk. During economic implosions like the one we are experiencing the natural tendency of organizations and individuals is to respond by shrinking - this is a mistake! Now is the time to advance, conquer and take market share from those that elect to retreat. Now is the time to separate yourself from everyone in your sector through your actions. The only way to survive and prosper when things around you are contracting is to get expand and it is impossible to expand while contracting.

When you are getting hammered the most natural response is to retreat and defend oneself, but this is no way to win the economic fight you are in. The only way to win this fight is to strike back with every action being one of advancing and domination! The concept here is if you are going to lose the fight, lose it swinging, not retreating. There will be two outcomes when this economy heals itself; 1) those that are much smaller and weaker, 2) those that dominate their sectors, are stronger in their markets and are better off because of the contraction.

In my book I go over the exact actions an individual and company should be taking at this time so that they can dominate and separate themselves from their competition. Whether it is how to get a job or how to grow your business these actions will put you first in the minds of those you need to define your future. I have personally used and validated these actions to recreate my own company with products and services that have allowed my company to grow at a time when my competitors are laying people off.

Before you start taking the actions to be FIRST you first:
1) Decide to take market share not surrender it.
2) Decide to dominate not compete (competition is not healthy).
3) Do what your competition refuses to do.
4) Be UNREASONABLE in taking market share.

Once you have decided not to be victim of this economy get yourself, your family and your organization to take every action to be first in the minds of those you depend on for your incomes and your expansion.