Dominic Papineau, Boston College Professor, Charged With Threatening To Bomb Canadian Mines At Protests Against Plan Nord

Quebec Provincial Police were not amused by a Boston College assistant professor's "joke."

Canadian police arrested Dominic Papineau for allegedly threatening to bomb Canadian ore mines during a protest earlier this month against land development in Northern Quebec, according to The Boston Globe.

While working with students on a geological research trip, Papineau, 35, was charged with threatening to damage property, possessing a hunting rifle without a permit and possession of marijuana, reported The Globe. The college has suspended him pending his criminal case's outcomes.

Papineau told The Globe he was joking about bombing the mines and his statements were misunderstood. He also said he expects to be "fully exonerated."

The Canadian native said he was protesting the public and private-funded $80 billion development plans, known as Plan Nord, because he opposes private companies' reopening of the ore mines.

Since Papineau was arrested while guiding five BC students on a research trip, another college professor had to travel to Canada to bring the students back to the states on July 8.

Papineau will appear in court for the second time since his July 3 arrest in September.