Dominick Dunne's Bisexuality Confirmed By Son (VIDEO)

Dominick Dunne died before he was able to promote his most recent book, "Too Much Money", a novel skewering the rich and powerful. His son Griffin Dunne spoke about it today, which is the publication date, confirming that it is "hardly a novel," but rather a pointed critique of Hollywood's rich and famous, a pointed critique of the people he spent his life writing about. Griffin Dunne also confirmed his father's bisexuality and 20-year celibacy, marveling that his father had kept this central part of his personality to himself almost until he died. He never spoke directly of it--it was through the behavior of his alter-ego Gus Bailey, the main character in "Too Much Money" that he finally showed this part of himself to the public.

You can read an excerpt from "Too Much Money" at the Good Morning America website.