Dominik Garcia-Lorido: 'Magic City' Star Won't Visit Cuba...Yet

Andy Garcia's Daughter, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Dishes on 'Magic City,' Miami Living And Visiting Cuba

Andy Garcia’s daughter Dominik Garcia-Lorido (“The Lost City”), has a new show called “Magic City,” premiering tonight at 10/9c on Starz. The Cuban actress spoke to The Huffington Post about the new show (which has already been renewed for a second season), her Cuban pride and why she can’t get enough of Miami Beach.

Who do you play in “Magic City?”

I play Mercedes Lazaro. She’s 21 years old, she grew up in Miami Beach, and she’s Cuban. Her father is the General Manager of the Miramar Playa Hotel and she grew up with the Evans family and worked there as a maid part-time while she was in school. In the first episode, Mercedes's mother is visiting family in Cuba for the holidays and that’s when Batista leaves in New Year’s 1959 and when Castro comes in. So she sort of gets stuck in Cuba and we see how that’s problematic for Mercedes and her father.

Did you do any research to prepare for your role?
You know, I went and talked to both of my grandmothers. They’re still alive and they live in Miami and they both came over during the revolution. So I went to talk to them and looked at pictures, because even before the revolution, they used to go to Miami Beach from Cuba—they both went there on their honeymoons. You never see Cubans in Miami pre-revolution. It’s always in exile. I think that was just a really big thing. It’s such a huge thing when you’re playing someone post revolution—you have that loss.

Are you a fan of Miami?
I was actually born in Miami. We would spend the summers there growing up, so it’s like my second home. But I never went to school there. I love Miami. And I love working there—we shoot the show in Miami. Since the city is the central character of the show, we really couldn’t shoot it anywhere else. It’s such a specific kind of ambiance in Miami. That Cuban culture is very strong there—that in itself, I love. You have that confiancia! I don’t have that in L.A. I don’t have one Cuban friend in L.A.

Have you ever been to Cuba?
No, I haven’t. I would love to see it, but when it’s a free Cuba, I will. It’s a respect thing. I have a few friends who have gone with their parents and they just said it was devastating. It’s really just…going while Fidel is in power.

How would your dad (Andy Garcia) feel if you went?
My dad wouldn’t go and I was really raised in that kind of household. And my dad’s been very outspoken against that political regime. I’m just very against the politics down there.

What are some Cuban traditions you grew up with?
How the music is kind of always around! My mom can cook really good Cuban food, so we go eat there on the regular. And the Cuban coffee—you know how you drink coffee at a really young age. Also, during the holidays having the lechon and roasting the pig on New Year’s. And on Christmas Eve—how Cubans celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. That’s always been a big thing!

“Magic City” hasn’t even premiered yet, but it’s already been renewed by Starz. How does that make you feel?
It’s kind of bizarre! All of my friends in Miami have been watching it "On Demand." Everyone watched it on Sunday when they were hungover (Laughs) and now they’re like, “I’m addicted. Where is episode four?” And I’m like, “no, now you’ve got to wait like a month!” {Laughs}.

What’s your goal in Hollywood?
I love acting. I take it day by day. I would really love to produce my own stuff and other stuff. My dad always produces and I would always sit in producers’ meetings with him. I like the whole thing of putting a movie together. I think that’s very exciting.

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