Dominique Moceanu Finds Sister, Jen Bricker: Olympic Gymnast Finds Long-Lost Acrobat Sibling (VIDEO)


Balance and poise are two of the most important aspects of gymnastics. Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu displayed these characteristics at a world-class level during her career, which included a team gold medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Ultimately, it was a revelation in her personal life that would shake her more than any fall from the balance beam ever could.

In her new book, "Off Balance," Moceanu, now age 30, reveals that she has recently reunited with a younger sister who had been given up for adoption as a newborn. According to an excerpt from her book published at, Moceanu's sister, named Jen Bricker by her adoptive parents, was given up for adoption shortly after birth. Bricker was born without legs.

"My life will forever be divided into before knowing about Jen and after knowing about Jen," Moceanu told ABC News.

The sisters were featured on ABC's "20/20" and "Good Morning America" discussing their current relationship and the uncanny similarities in interest that they shared before a letter from Bricker brought them together.

While not nearly as famous as her sister, Bricker is quite accomplished as well, competing in the Junior Olympics and carving out a successful career as an acrobat and performer. Bricker performed as part of a Britney Spears concert tour in 2009.

Discussing her career with Circus Girl Magazine in 2011, Bricker expressed her desire to inspire others, perhaps as she was once inspired by Moceanu long before she knew they were connected.

"I hope to motivate & inspire others through performing, working out and my everyday life," Bricker told Circus Girl Magazine in 2011. "I want to show people that anything truly is possible."

When it comes to Bricker and Moceanu, it seems that anything truly is possible.

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