'No Is The New Yes' Domino's Pizza Ad Offends Some With Apparent Rape Innuendo

A new ad for Domino's artisan pizza may have crossed the line from delicious into derogatory when it featured the phrase, "No Is The New Yes."

For some, the phrase seems to echo -- and directly contradict -- "No means no," a slogan utilized by anti-rape campaigns around the world.

The ad is part of a marketing campaign that launched in April and centers on the fact that the artisan pizzas are handmade, but, unlike other Domino's pizza, do not offer optional toppings to customers.

The ad reads:

The one thing they don't come with? The option to add different toppings. Why? Our chefs created each of our four Artisan pizzas with the ideal combination of ingredients to produce the most distinctive, delicious flavors possible. It's not easy for us to say "no." But, we're doing it for all the right reasons.

A photo of the ad also began circulating on the image sharing site imgur, where a user added the caption, "our new rapist friendly boxes at dominos."

Some bloggers expressed shock that the company would have signed off on the use of the slogan.

"While the easy thing to do is say 'hey, this is just a pizza ad' -- and yea, it is -- that’s too simple a response," wrote Amy Tennery of The Jane Dough. "When your pizza ad looks like it was ripped from a date rape apologist’s playbook, maybe it’s time to reconsider your strategy."

Zerlina of Feministing added, "Not sure how many times we have to say it, but RAPE IS NOT A JOKE. It’s not a metaphor. Or a clever play on words. Or a good way to scare women into never drinking alcohol. It’s a reality for so many people, a trauma that warrants empathy and that requires years of healing."

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