Domino's Is Training GPS-Equipped Reindeer To Deliver Pizza In Japan

Move over, Rudolph!

What if Santa brought pizza instead of toys?

Domino’s seems to be trying to find out, at least in Japan, as a video released online shows the company training reindeer to deliver fresh, hot pizzas in snowy Hokkaido.

The reindeer are equipped with GPS units so customers can track their pizzas ― but the footage indicates the system still needs a little more work:

Domino’s said in a news release working with reindeer poses “unique challenges” but they are hoping to have the system up and running in early December.

That means eventually, this could become a true Christmas miracle:

The company said they’re expecting “severe cold” in northern Japan this winter due to La Nina, and that reindeer could help ensure pizzas are delivered even during snowfall.

(h/t Mashable)

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