Tennessee Domino's Found To Have Rodent Droppings For Pizza Toppings

This isn't the kind of pie you want delivered in 30 minutes or less.

Those aren’t black olives.

A Domino’s Pizza in Johnson City, Tennessee, was in deep you-know-what this week after health inspectors found rodent droppings in 14 trays of raw dough, not to mention on the floor, on shelves, and in the bathroom, the walk-in cooler and empty chocolate lava boxes.

The state Health Department stepped in after a photo went viral on Reddit that appeared to show vermin poop atop the dough, News Channel 11 reports. Inspectors wrote Wednesday that they were investigating reports of “excessive rodent activity.”

The Reddit photo that ratted out a rodent-plagued Domino's.
The Reddit photo that ratted out a rodent-plagued Domino's.

According to the inspection report, shared by News Channel 11, a dough delivery truck was checked and none of the contents were contaminated before entering the facility.

The Health Department ordered the outlet shut until it cleaned up its act. The local station said the pizza joint was up and running again by noon Wednesday.

A Domino’s spokeswoman said Thursday the infestation was “an extremely isolated incident, confined to a single store.”

After a cleanup and Health Department clearance, she told HuffPost in an email, “the store is clean, open and back in business.”



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