Domino's Workers Disgusting YouTube Video: Spitting, Nose-Picking and Worse (VIDEO)

UPDATE 04.15 10:30am

The two Domino's employees involved in posting videos of themselves performing unsanitary acts while on the job have not only been fired but have had warrants issued for their arrest, the BBC reports.

Domino's said that the employees involved viewed the video as a prank and the food was never delivered.

However, a spokeswoman said that the company was "not in a forgive-and-forget mood".

She added that the police had issued a felony warrant for the two people involved and the company also planned to file a civil lawsuit.

Your worst fears confirmed.

A rogue Dominos Pizza employee referred to as Michael is seen spitting in food, putting cheese in his nose before placing it on a sandwich and rubbing a dish washing sponge on his nether regions.

At least at one point, when Michael decides to put food up his nose for several seconds, he throws it in the garbage rather than back on the sandwich.


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