Don A. Samuelson, Veterinary Professor, Allegedly Used Camera Pen To Prove Student Wore No Underwear

Professor Used Camera Pen To Prove Student Wore No Underwear: Cops

A Florida professor is getting low marks from students and investigators after being accused of "video voyeurism."

Don A. Samuelson, a veterinary science professor at the University of Florida, was arrested Friday for allegedly using a camera pen to secretly record images of students on campus.

According to the arrest report, Samuelson, 65, allegedly used the device on three occasions between April and August to record images of a woman's chest and thighs, reported.

On Aug. 30, one woman noticed Samuelson attempting to film down her shirt, up her skirt, and between her thighs.

Investigators say they seized the camera pen and a portable thumb drive of other women working in his lab and meeting in his office, according to

Samuelson admitted the camera pen was his, but insisted he was using it to prove a woman wasn't wearing any undergarments, according to the arrest report.

The charges against Samuelson have shocked former students like Casey Siljestrom, who took a course with him last year.

“We always just thought he was a really nice guy, a little bit boring but never threatening in any way,” Siljestrom, 23, told

“I never felt uncomfortable around him.”

Samuelson was released on $20,000 bond Friday afternoon. Gainesville police are still investigating the charges, reported.

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