Don Cheadle Claims Trump Once Used Racial Slur In Reference To Black Women


Don Cheadle made a huge claim about President Donald Trump on Sunday, when he tweeted that the commander in chief once used a racial slur in front of a friend’s father. 

When a Twitter follower praised him for being outspoken about Trump’s administration, the “Ocean’s Eleven” star replied:

Cheadle went on to say that he’s never mentioned the incident, which allegedly took place at Trump’s luxury resort in Doral, Florida, because he felt that it would do little to change the outcome of the election. 

The actor maintained that his claims are true, but did not elaborate on when the alleged incident actually occurred. He then launched into several tweets about how “we’ve all” been in a situation where we’ve heard something offensive but failed to speak up in the moment. 

“Same thing here,” Cheadle tweeted. “A father repeating it to his daughter with both disbelief of hearing the words and regret that he stayed quiet and minded his own business. Like that.”

Trump has yet to respond to Cheadle’s claims.