Don Cheadle Shuts Down Men Having Temper Tantrums Over Women-Only Screenings

“You guys really have to stop with this stupid analogy."

Don Cheadle went on an impressive Twitter rant on Tuesday after angry men filled up his mentions about the women-only “Wonder Woman” screening in Austin, Tx.

Last week, the Alamo movie theater in Austin announced that it would be hosting a women-only screening of the superhero film, and men of the internet collectively lost it ― they said that offering a screening exclusively for women was reverse sexism, and arguably an illegal act of gender discrimination.

But they were no match for Cheadle, who spent Tuesday morning firing off some excellent responses.

He was particularly skeptical of those who thought that a women-only screening was hypocritical for feminists, who would surely be up in arms if movie theaters offered “men-only” movie screenings, too.

“You guys really have to stop with this stupid analogy,” he wrote. “It’s apples to carburetor parts.”

He also made an incredibly poignant point about one user’s accusations that this is some kind of double standard. “A double standard presupposes equal footing,” he said. “This ain’t that.”


The actor also praised one Twitter user’s idea to not only support the women-only screenings, but to only charge 85 percent of the full ticket price for women, “to reflect gender wage disparity.”


Sounds good to us, too.

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