Don Cherry Says Women Don't Belong In NHL Locker Rooms, Ron MacLean Disagrees (VIDEO)

Don Cherry: Keep Women Out Of The Locker Room

Don Cherry does not believe that women belong in NHL locker rooms. He also believed that it was a good idea to share this opinion during the "Coach's Corner" segment during "Hockey Night In Canada" on Saturday night.

After explaining the provenance of his relatively muted suit and harping on lines change, the longtime hockey commentator weighed in on the presence of female reporters in the locker room. Cherry's commentary was inspired by a recent contentious exchange between Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith and Vancouver sportscaster Karen Thomson.

"I don't believe ... and I really believe this ... I don't believe women should be in the male dressing room," Cherry began.


Representing the 21st century in the segment was Cherry's colleague Ron MacLean. His reaction, an apparent mix embarrassment, surprise and frustration, is isolated below.

After MacLean expressed his disagreement (and the pair briefly debated the presence of men in women's locker rooms), Cherry attempted to explain the rationale behind his statement.

"I don't feel women are equal," Cherry began. "I feel they're above us. And I think they're on a pedestal. And they should not be walking in when naked guys are walking in and you know some guys take advantage of it."

MacLean's reaction may have been the most immediate but it was hardly the only one.

"Cherry who is no stranger to controversy has another one on his hands," wrote Ken Fang of Awful Announcing. "He's managed to survive storms dating back to the 1980's, but one has to imagine that CBC may not want to put up with the Wrath of Grapes for much longer."

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