Don Imus' Up-And-Down TV Ratings

Don Imus may have stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest when he joked about his ratings on-air last week, but there have been some bright spots for the Fox Business host.

In an interview with colleague Neil Cavuto, Imus had jokingly criticized his viewers for tuning in inconsistently, and thus delivering low ratings for his television show. It's true that Imus often lags behind rival CNBC. But, as the Daily News reported back in April, "Imus In the Morning" often performs "in the ballpark with CNBC," which is the network's main rival, despite being in approximately half the number of homes. Imus' show has also beaten CNBC a few times in the past month.

His radio show also continues to do well, and is on in over 80 affiliates -- the most the show has ever reached.