Don Imus vs. Joe Scarborough Over Radio Show, Ratings, 'Bitterness' (VIDEO)

Don Imus has launched a war of words against the man whose show replaced him after MSNBC canceled "Imus in the Morning" following his "nappy-headed hos" controversy.

Citadel Media announced earlier this week that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski would be putting their radio show on hiatus while it was retooled and expanded into three hours.

But Imus, who occupied the MSNBC morning slot before "Morning Joe" and now competes against them on Fox Business, isn't buying it.

"His radio show is canceled," Imus said of Scarborough. "They're not revamping anything! He will never ever be on WABC in New York again, ever! Ever!...You know why they got blown out? Because they suck! And he's a punk and a phony."

Imus, who described Scarborough as a "disgusting backstabbing phony," also claimed that "Morning Joe" isn't doing any better in the ratings than Imus did on MSNBC.

"Imus" averaged 361,000 total viewers during the first quarter of 2007 when he was canceled; "Morning Joe" averaged 355,000 total viewers in Q1 2010, but in April averaged 392,000 total viewers.

"Imus's bitterness is misplaced. I was one of the few people who stood by him publicly. It's a shame he's so bitter about our success," Scarborough tweeted. "Morning Joe gets 20 times the audience in the demo as does Imus. Our WABC radio show also beat Glenn Beck every month in every category," he added.

Mika and Joe also discussed Imus on the radio, telling him to "grow up":

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