Don Johnson Says Donald Trump Stiffed Him On Boat Sponsorship Deal

Jimmy Kimmel had the perfect response after the "Knives Out" actor told the anecdote.

Don Johnson says he’s been stiffed by Donald Trump.

The “Knives Out” star told his story to Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday, claiming the president cheated him on a sponsorship deal for Johnson’s speedboat back in the day. (Fast-forward to the 4:00 mark above.)

Johnson, who designed and drove an offshore racing boat, said he was approached by Trump to put “Trump Castle” as a sponsor on the watercraft. Trump’s Castle hotel opened in 1985 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and held that name until 1997.

“I took the sponsorship money, he made me make his name bigger, and then he stiffed me on the money,” Johnson said.

“Well that doesn’t sound like him at all,” Kimmel replied sarcastically.

The host then made a suggestion. “You should sue him,” Kimmel said, and he recommended that Johnson take the legal action to TV’s Judge Judy.

Johnson, who turns 70 next month, told The New York Times in 1989 that he became involved in racing after he rode a speedboat for the first time while filming the pilot for “Miami Vice.” So perhaps that’s around the time he struck a deal with Trump ― and struck out.

Many Americans might say they know the feeling.

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