Don Lemon Calls Out Michele Bachmann, Thanks Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

CNN's Don Lemon channeled his inner Jon Stewart on Sunday when he called out Michele Bachmann for her reliance on the same few phrases during her tour of the Sunday morning talk shows.

Lemon has made it a personal mission to get politicians to stray from their rehearsed talking points during interviews. (He had a memorably boisterous exchange with Sen. Rand Paul about the subject.)

On Sunday, he said he liked hearing politicians speak "without rhetoric and spin," and that Bachmann had gotten his "attention" after her appearances on the Sunday shows.

Then came the clip show, which demonstrated Bachmann's constant repetition of phrases. She loved saying she was the "tip of the spear" in D.C. fights, that the U.S. received a "punch to the gut" with the debt ceiling downgrade, that she was a "job creator," and so on. (In Bachmann's defense, she was being asked almost the exact same questions by every Sunday host, but still.)

"That was just this morning," Lemon said incredulously. He stressed that "pointing out the truth is not ideological" and, to prove his point, played extended clips from an interview he'd done with Sarah Palin. The former governor had, he said, been refreshingly candid.

"Thank you very much, Governor Palin, for just answering the questions," Lemon said.

Watch (h/t Mediaite):

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