Don Lemon: ‘Democrats Got Played’ By Corey Lewandowski

The CNN host warned it "does not bode well for their impeachment inquiry."

Don Lemon explained why he believes the “Democrats got played” by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.

The “CNN Tonight” host noted Lewandowski stuck to the script written for him by the Trump administration when he repeatedly answered members’ questions by saying the White House had directed him not to disclose the substance of any conversations he’d had with the president.

“If we’ve learned anything today, anything at all, it is this. You can brazen your way through anything if you are Team Trump,” said Lemon.

“Lewandowski and Team Trump brazenly, honestly, playing Democrats,” he later added. “Democrats got played. And while they played by the rules, meaning Democrats, Lewandowski is running all over them, which does not bode well for their impeachment inquiry.”

Lemon later speculated about how Democratic members of the committee had prepared for the hearing, which forms part of their investigation into the possible impeachment of Trump. 

“I just kept wondering if Democrats had ever watched TV, had they ever seen Corey Lewandowski on television, on any network, they would have known,” he said.

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