CNN's Don Lemon Has 1 Question About That Trump 'Game Of Thrones'-Style Poster

The "CNN Tonight" host couldn't help laughing at the poster, weirdly placed on the table during Wednesday's Cabinet meeting.

CNN’s Don Lemon was tickled Wednesday night by the placement of a “Game of Thrones”-style poster of Donald Trump during the president’s off-the-rails Cabinet meeting earlier in the day.

The “CNN Tonight” host struggled to contain his laughter as he joked about Trump “acting like some kind of action hero” and “tough guy.”

Lemon also had one very important question about the poster’s tabletop presence during the meeting. Namely, what in the world was it doing there? Because no one bothered to explain, he said.

Check out the clip here:

Trump first tweeted the GOT-inspired meme in November, before the U.S. reimposed sanctions on Iran. 

At the time, stars of HBO’s epic fantasy drama, including Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, called Trump out for using the image: