Don Lemon Roasts 'Hypocrite-In-Chief' Donald Trump Over Undocumented Workers Report

The CNN host suggested Trump "clean house" to resolve contradictions between his anti-immigrant rhetoric and his history "of employing undocumented workers."

CNN’s Don Lemon called Donald Trump the “hypocrite-in-chief” on Thursday, after The New York Times reported a housekeeper and some other employees at the president’s New Jersey golf club are undocumented immigrants.

The “CNN Tonight” host, whose show was interrupted by a bomb scare, said the Times’ report that the club’s managers knew of the workers’ status clashed with Trump’s rhetoric on undocumented immigrants, who he has bashed as “criminals, rapists, even animals.”

Lemon noted the Trump Organization responded to the allegations with a statement highlighting its “very strict hiring practices” and vow to fire any employee who submitted false documentation.

He then suggested Trump should “clean house himself first,” given his “long history of allegations of employing undocumented workers when it suits him.”

“What’s hypocritical is this president demonizing immigrants for his own political purposes,” Lemon added.

Check out the clip above.