Watch Don Lemon Ask Donald Trump If He's Homophobic And Racist

"I think that I'm a very nice person," Trump said. "I love people."

CNN's Don Lemon interviewed presidential hopeful Donald Trump on Wednesday, and pointedly asked the candidate if he thinks he is homophobic and racist.

"If I ask you this question, will you answer directly?" Lemon prefaced his question. "Do you think that you are homophobic?"

"No," Trump responded. "I think that I'm a very nice person. I love people."

The Republican candidate then steered the conversation away from the question, and began to talk about how much support he has from evangelical Christians.

"You know who loves me? The tea party. The evangelicals. You know, I'm leading with evangelicals," Trump said. "I love them. They love me."

Lemon then asked Trump about his popularity among black voters.

"Some people may perceive you as a racist," Lemon said. "Answer that."

Trump replied by highlighting his recent appearance at an African-American Chamber of Commerce event is South Carolina. He also complained that CNN's coverage of the event pointed out how sparsely attended it was.

Watch a clip from the interview above.

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