Don Lemon Tells Donald Trump Exactly How He’ll Be Remembered

The CNN anchor excoriated the outgoing president as a “complete and utter disgrace."

CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday hit President Donald Trump with a stark reality check of how he will be remembered.

“You will go down in history as the worst of the worst,” the anchor said as he picked apart the ongoing fallout from Wednesday’s storming of the U.S. Capitol by a mob of violent pro-Trump rioters.

Lemon described the outgoing president as a “madman” and a “complete and utter disgrace.” He urged viewers not to forget the Republicans who enabled Trump in his reality-denying bid to overturn the election results and who encouraged the president’s supporters to partake in the shocking and deadly scenes that unfurled in Washington.

“You do not get to pretend that you did not support this,” Lemon said.

Check out Lemon’s full monologue here: