Don Lemon Montage Compares Trump And Obama In Times Of Trouble

“He should look Americans in the eye and ... lead the nation on a path of healing," said the "CNN Tonight" host.

CNN’s Don Lemon contrasted how President Donald Trump acts “in times of trouble or despair or violence” compared with his predecessors, including former President Barack Obama.

The “CNN Tonight” host explained on Thursday, after apparent pipe bombs were mailed to leading Democrats and CNN, that “Americans look to their president for comfort and leadership” during times of crisis, “even when they don’t like his policies.”

“They seek out a president’s guidance, reassurance and understanding, and past presidents responded appropriately when faced with circumstances far more dire and more challenging than this president faces today,” he added.

Lemon then aired footage of former presidents Obama, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt striking measured tones during crises ― in stark contrast to Trump angrily blaming the media over this week’s bomb scares.

“It’s time for President Trump to follow in the esteemed tradition of his predecessors, not just read words from the teleprompter, but lead by example,” said Lemon. “He should look Americans in the eye and say that he is going to stop using ugly language and lead the nation on a path of healing before someone gets hurt or killed.”

Check out the clip here: