Don Lemon Rips Josh Hawley's 'Muzzled' Claim: 'Poor Baby, Do You Need A Binkie?''

"What happened to Josh Hawley isn’t cancel culture. It’s called consequences,” the CNN host said of the Trump-supporting GOP senator from Missouri.

Don Lemon mocked Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-Mo.) claim about being “muzzled” by the media on Monday night.

The “CNN Tonight” host pointed out why the Missouri Republican’s complaint about being canceled rang hollow — given how he made it on a front-page New York Post editorial and then talked about it on the widely watched Fox News.

Hawley raised a fist in solidarity with supporters of former President Donald Trump ahead of the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot. After the attack, Hawley continued backing Trump’s election lies by voting to overturn results in Arizona and Pennsylvania. His publisher canceled a book contract for his role in the insurrection, but he later found a new deal with another publisher.

Hawley “will have you believe that he’s the victim in all of this,” an incredulous Lemon told viewers. “He’s a victim. Josh Hawley. He’s a victim of cancel culture. Oh wait a minute, he’s on the TV, he’s so canceled that he’s on your television. He’s trying to sell that claim to Fox News just tonight.” 

“Can’t you see you’re being played people if you fall for that B.S.?” the CNN anchor asked, noting that Hawley continues spouting his views on television, radio shows, blogs and social media.

“No one has muzzled Josh Hawley. What happened to Josh Hawley isn’t cancel culture. It’s called consequences,” Lemon continued. “That’s how the First Amendment works. Say whatever you want, but you gotta pay the price if you say something stupid, or you do something stupid or treasonous, or if you try to overturn a duly elected president, right?”

Lemon later pretended to cry on behalf of Hawley: “He’s a victim. Oh my god, he’s being canceled. Poor baby, do you need a binkie?”

“Don’t fall for this, people,” Lemon added. “Think about the actions in the Capitol. Think about what happened, think about the people who died, think about the cops who were beaten by people. Think about all that.”