Don Lemon Sparks Outrage With Marijuana Comment In Ferguson

Don Lemon Sparks Outrage Once Again

Don Lemon really needs to start to think before he speaks on live television.

The CNN anchor was describing the scene from outside the Ferguson police station Monday night, just moments after the announcement that police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Speaking with Anderson Cooper, Lemon reported hearing the sounds of gunfire and seeing protesters jumping on cars.

And then he said: "Obviously, there is the smell of marijuana in the air."

But to viewers at home, that wasn't obvious at all. The comments immediately sparked backlash on Twitter:

OBVIOUSLY MARIJUANA. Don Lemon can't not.

— Rich Juzwiak (@RichJuz) November 25, 2014

H/T Gawker

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