CNN's Don Lemon Responds To Backlash Following Marijuana Comment: 'I Was Just Talking'

Don Lemon Defends Controversial Marijuana Comment

Don Lemon was pretty shocked that anyone cared about his marijuana comment last week while reporting on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

TMZ caught up with the CNN host and of course asked him about the controversial statement that has now made him the target of so much criticism.

"Obviously, there is the smell of marijuana in the air," Lemon said on air last week.

The comment sparked major outrage on social media.

"I don't get that," he told TMZ when asked about the backlash. "I was just talking. There was a million things going on and everyone's just hanging on one word."

Apparently, Lemon doesn't yet realize how much of an impact his words had, telling TMZ: "I don't understand why you guys are covering me. I'm just a newscaster."

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