CNN's Don Lemon: Mitt Romney's Libya Response Was 'Rush To Judgement And Then Lying To Cover It Up' (VIDEO)

CNN's Don Lemon tore into Mitt Romney over the weekend, skewering the candidate's response to the deadly attack in Libya.

The Romney campaign has been fiercely criticized for hitting out at the White House's response to the attack, which killed four American diplomats. Lemon echoed the criticism of pundits and politicians on "CNN Newsroom," when he blasted Romney's response as "a rush to judgement and then lying to cover it up."

He took issue with the timing as well as the accuracy of Romney's remarks. "Clinton's statement in no way apologizes or sympathizes with the attackers," Lemon declared. "Anyone who tells you it did is lying. If you believe that it did, you are misguided."

He said that after Romney doubled down on his statement, his surrogates went on TV and proceeded to blame the media for "their own mistake." Lemon played a clip of his recent interview with Romney surrogate Richard Williamson. The guest had laughed off one of Lemon's questions, which he called "silly."

"There are no silly questions, Mr. Ambassador," the CNN anchor said later. He said that Romney "dealt a major blow to his campaign," while giving President Obama "a gift."

"How could a man in a campaign who throws around the word "patriot" so often, get this one so wrong?" Lemon asked.

He teased the segment before it aired on Sunday night, writing, "When a candidate or his surrogates lie, they must be called out!" and "I hope the #Romney campaign is watching."



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